Monday, 29 April 2013

How I get #750 bonus with #500card on Etisalat

I recharge my phone and after recharging it on etisalat, I saw a message that if I want to get 750 free when I recharge with 500, I should use a code. In the first place, I think can this be real? It’s too much to believe but it’s real because after I did it, I call some of my friends to also tried it and they also confirmed it. when i try to know more about the bonus, it is called the easy flex.

May be you have not know about this offer, it will be good for you to also benefit from it. this offer is tagged easy flex. it means, when you recharge your 500 Naira with the below code, all you will see after that is 1,250, that is extra 750 and mind you, this is not like the weekend double yourrecharge promo that the bonus will end in the midnight on Sunday or the Glodaily promo that the bonus will end the same day. The validity period for this is 7 DAYS.

To get 750 free with 500 or 2500 with 1000 or 600 with 300 recharge card dial any of the codes below when you want to recharge:

Easy flex bundle

Flex 1000 – 2500 opt in code *344*1000# 14 days
Flex 500 – 500 opt in code *344*500#
Flex 300 – 600 opt in code *344*300#

Remember, the amount is 500 so you will dial *344*500# and you will see your 1,250 ASAP. You can use the bonus to call any network of your choice. 

Lets know how you feel when you get this done and subscribe to this site to get more of this kind of post on your e-mail directly.

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